New Addiction

2008-06-23 12:33:20 by sundaycomics

For the past week I started Playing Frets on Fire and im officially addicted to it.

The Game is basically guitar hero on your computer but you play with your keyboard. You can also hook up your GH guitar to ur computer and use that.

The whole game is a blast and every time i sit down at my computer i just end up playing it for a couple hours. I go on to look at pictures of cats in funny hats and next thing you know I'm playing FOF (that Frets of Fire for you noobs out there. THATS RIGHT I SAY NOOB NOT ONLY THAT BUT I SAY IT WITH ONLY PLAYING IT FOR A WEEK).

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You might be asking yourself hey why should i play this game instead of playing GH or Rockband on my TV. Well heres your answer. With FOF you can get almost any song your heart desires to play. From the Beatles to Dethklok. Not only can you get almost any song if their isn't a song you wont theres a program called Freetar Hero which allows you to create make your own GH songs. And if you don't like the way the game looks then screw download mods to have the game suite your taste and customize it to your personality.

and you can get all the GH and Rockband songs for it (sorry no drums or microphone)

Hopefully you'll get addicted like me!!


New Addiction

no one is gonna read this

2008-05-10 10:44:49 by sundaycomics

HELLO my zero fans.

I am here to talk about shit no one cares about, such as politics, the economy, and cancer.

In recent news everything i have started a while back im going back to finish. So i hope to have a lot coming out during the summer.

Good Bye:
James Wolfington

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